NBC News   |  October 04, 2013

'Elizabeth's Story' part 2

Elizabeth realizes she's being kidnapped and forced to climb a mountain in total darkness. Where is this man taking her?

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>>> like everything was just impossible.

>> snatched out of her bed at knife point elizabeth smart was confronting a reality she'd been kidnapped and now the stranger was forcing her along the hill behind her house.

>> he was right next to me holding on to my arm like this with the knife like this.

>> oh, my gosh. elizabeth was terrified. then she saw headlights coming down the street. it was a police car .

>> it was a police car . i remember thinking the car is going to see us, he knows here we're. the police will find you.

>> you're 14 years old and you see a police car , as a kid you're conditioned to think i'm saved. the good guys are here.

>> yeah.

>> but her captor quickly pushed her down behind a bush. something elizabeth recounts in her book.

>> the stranger seemed to hold his breath. the police car passed. it was like a jolt to my heart. i've got to run.

>> there was nowhere to run . the police car was gone and now her kidnapper was pushing her on to a steep trail going up the mountain.

>> we came right up this trail.

>> recently elizabeth took me back up the trail in daylight, her dog archie in tow. that night it was pitch black and yet a remarkable strength was emerging in elizabeth . she thought of stories of other kidnapped children.

>> always the same, a search was put on, bodies were later found. they could tell they'd been raped and abused. so i thought that's what's going to happen to me.

>> you said something to him.

>> if you're going to rape and kill me, would you just do it here so my parents can find my body so they can find my remains, so they can know what happened to me.

>> what did he say to you?

>> he just kind of smiled at me and he said, i'm not going to kill you yet.

>> yet.

>> yet.

>> when her captor turned off the main trail leading her on to a rarely used path heading into the dense scrub bush elizabeth pleaded with him.

>> don't you realize what you're doing? i mean, if you're caught, you'll go to jail for the rest of your life. then he smiled and said, i know exactly what i'm doing. the only difference is i'm not going to get caught.

>> he was angry and somehow familiar. a short time later it suddenly dawned on her. she knew exactly who this man was. seven months earlier, her mom had handed him $5 when they found him begging on the streets of salt lake city .

>> he asked for work. she said, you can call my husband.

>> elizabeth 's dad decided to help the man out, hiring him once to do handy work at their house. he called himself emmanuel. what went through your head when you realized i know this guy?

>> i couldn't understand why he was doing it. especially when my parents had tried to help him. i mean, my imagination was running wild . was he going to kill me some was he going to torture me? was he going to lock me in a dungeon?

>> back at elizabeth 's house, 9-year-old mary katherine's imagination was also running wild . she was still shaking under the covers. in that time, what was going through your head?

>> i was just trying to work up enough courage to run into my parents' room and tell them what happened.

>> you did go in. what did you say to your mom and dad ?

>> elizabeth 's gone.

>> and hearing those words coming from a sound sleep, oh, she's had a bad dream . when she continued, no, she really is gone. i got up and went running down the stairs and my first view was at the window. and the screen was -- i could tell it had been cut.

>> you knew in that moment?

>> i knew it.

>> the screen on the kitchen window was slashed. the smarts called 911, and within minutes police were at the house. it was just after 4:00 a.m . but by then elizabeth had been climbing for hours through fallen rock and treacherous brush. not long after daylight broke her kidnapper led her into this remote secret camp on the steep side of a mountain. oh, my gosh.

>> this is it.

>> what was here when you got here?

>> right where we're standing there were tarps laid out on the ground. and then right here would have been where the tent was set up.

>> what was this place? elizabeth 's first chilling clue came from behind the trees.

>> and out of this area walked a woman. she had on long linen robes, she had on a long headdress, then she gave me a hug. it was a hug that was strong and it was dom neineering and it was saying don't you dare do anything i don't tell you to.

>> then the strange woman led her into a tent, ordering her to undress.

>> and then she just left me alone sitting on the bucket in the tent crying waiting for i didn't know