NBC News   |  October 04, 2013

'Elizabeth's Story' part 3

Elizabeth enters a remote camp and realizes with horror the fate that awaits her.

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>>> begging and crying and just so scared.

>> elizabeth knew something awful was about to happen. then he came into the tent?

>> yes.

>> as elizabeth sobbed, her kidnapping began performing some kind of marriage ceremony.

>> i was able to pull myself together just enough to hear him say that i was now his wife. i remember thinking, i know what comes after a wedding and that cannot happen to me. that cannot happen.

>> even in her terror, the 14-year-old girl somehow had the clarity to reason with her kidnapper.

>> wait. i didn't say i do. i didn't say yes. i'm just a little girl . you know, in fact, i'm so little, i haven't even hit puberty yet. you can't do this to me.

>> those are all the thoughts going through this 14-year-old's --

>> yes. so when i screamed out no, he looked at me and said, if you ever scream out like that again, i will kill you. if it will help you not scream out, i can duct tape your mouth shut.

>> it didn't seem real. just a few hours earlier, she'd been home, safe in her bed. now after an arduous climb at knife point, she was trapped somewhere high on a mountain.

>> i remember him forcing me on to the ground, fighting the whole way, and he raped me right there on the floor of the tent. now when he's finished, he stood up and i was left alone feeling absolutely broken, absolutely shattered. i was broken beyond repair.

>> you were worthless?

>> i was going to be thrown away. i remember lying there and just thinking of the children whom i'd seen on the news who when their bodies are found and i remember thinking, wow, they are the lucky ones . they will never have to feel this pain ever again. they're in heaven right now. and i wish i could be there.

>> you wanted to die?

>> yes. so i just closed my eyes and curled up into a tight ball in despair. the last thing i remember thinking before i drifted off was tonight i'm going to run.

>> and when you woke up --

>> there was this man, emmanuel, leaning over me, and he had taken a thick metal cable, he wrapped it tightly around my ankle and he was just crimping the bolts into place as i woke up.

>> he was chaining her to a tree like a wild animal .

>> the cable would have wrapped right around this right here. then it would have just come all the way down to that tall tree down there.

>> elizabeth was trapped in a hellish existence, with at most 20 feet of movement in any direction. even at night, when she slept in a tent similar in size to this one, she was chained and always at the mercy of her kidnapper, a married couple who called themselves emmanuel and hexeba. their real names were brian david mitchell and wanda barzee . you write, over the next nine months brian david mitchell would rape me every day, sometimes multiple times a day, he would torture and brutalize me in ways that are impossible to imagine, starve and manipulate me as an animal.

>> every time, i thought this cannot get worse, it always did.

>> how did you spend your days, elizabeth ?

>> i can think of three very easy words to describe my days. boredom, hunger and rape.

>> did you even feel like a person?

>> no. how could i? i mean, here i was a 14-year-old girl ripped from my family being raped every day, not knowing when i'll be able to eat next, not knowing when i'll be able to drink next and being chained to a tree, i didn't feel human.

>> what did that do to a child?

>> i don't think there's anything worse you can do to a child.

>> elizabeth says she was also forced to drink and do drugs. mitchell said it was all part of his religion. he believed he was a prophet appointed by god and that elizabeth must experience evil in order to become pure.

>> it didn't matter what it was, pornography, drinking, drugs, god wanted -- no, god demanded -- i had to sink to the lowest level before i could be cleansed. i had to experience all of the evil in the world before i could be worthy of being mitchell 's chosen wife.

>> did you feel, you know, i'm a mormon. we don't smoke. we don't drink.

>> oh, he knew i was mormon. i mean, he knew the doctrine, knew what i believed in.

>> neither mitchell nor his wife cared. he was elizabeth 's chief abuser. barzee was his willing, cruel accomplice.

>> to her i was a slave and to him i was an object.

>> was there a point, elizabeth , where you shut down your emotions?

>> there was a point that i stopped crying. i mean, not because i didn't feel pain any more, not because i didn't feel sorrow. it just was to keep going. it just was to survive. to live.

>> as she was bracing herself for survival, her kidnapper was only becoming more brazen.

>> i felt so sick about it when i found out what his plan was.