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J. Scott Applewhite / AP

NBC News   |  January 28, 2014

O’Donnell: Obama Unites Chamber With ‘Emotional Moment’

NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell reflects on President Barack Obama’s words about Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg during the State of the Union address.

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>> o'donnell is in the chamber and while we still have access to her live signal, kelly i'm assuming it was as much a moment for you as it felt like to be watching as part of the television audience for us.

>> absolutely, brian. there were waves of emotion. and for me it was an opportunity to see the faces of members of both parties as they looked up at that army ranger cory remsburg. and you could see that the partisan moments of the evening all washed away and there was a genuine sense of community here in the room and support for what he has sacrificed and what he has given to the country. it was clearly the emotional highlight. there were other notes throughout this speech where people were on their feet. usually dominated by one party or another. there were times when members of the guest group in the gallery were on their feet, but that was truly the unifying moment. and we had seen him earlier before the cameras were on here in the chamber when he arrived. and he got a lot of attention even then before people knew the full story. and so he really brought people together tonight. the kind of emotional moment that is very influential in a speech like this in reminding people of some of the serious issues the country faces after what had been a predominantly domestic issue throughout the night.