NBC News   |  March 24, 2014

Costello Maps Potential Location of Lost Plane

NBC's Tom Costello describes the area of the Indian Ocean where Malaysian officials believe flight MH 370 was lost.

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>> guthrie: good morning to you. 10:00 a.m . on the east coast , 7:00 a.m . on the west coast , and we´ve just gotten some sad news from malaysia´s prime minister, announcing that some new data, new information has led them to conclude beyond any shadow of a doubt that this malaysian airlines flight 370 was, in fact, lost over the southern indian ocean .

>> lauer: says all evidence points to this fact now. however, not specific about what new evidence they have. hopefully, we´ll be hearing more about that in the coming moments or hours. nbc´s tom costello has been following the investigation from day one. tom, good morning. what can you tell us?

>> costello: hi, matt. good morning. just a short time ago, in fact, malaysian airlines sent an e-mail to the families of flight 370, and here´s what they say. "we deeply regret that we have to assume, "beyond all reasonable doubt , that flight 370 has been lost "and that none of those on board have survived. "as you will hear from the prime minister´s comments, "we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the southern indian ocean ." this is exactly the area that they have been searching ever since we started getting those pings from the satellite data, you may recall, about 10 days ago, suggesting that maybe this plane made its way all the way down into the southern zone . in the last 24 hours , chinese authorities have said their aircraft spotted debris outside of the zone. they´re not sure if it´s from the flight. and then the australia air force said they spotted debris inside the zone. again, not sure it´s from the flight. naval units are on their way now to check out both of these sightings. and the truth is, they don´t know for sure that any of that debris is from flight 370. but they´re seeing so much -- now starting to see so much evidence that would suggest that maybe something did happen in that southern search zone in the southern quadrant. but that is leading them to believe increasingly that this is, in fact, where the plane went down. the question is, of course, what was the condition of the aircraft when it went in. we´ve talked to experts who have suggested that this plane probably would have gone in at a rather steep decline -- at about an 8% to 10% decline rate -- and hitting at about 300 miles per hour. if that were the case, it would be unlikely that anybody could survive out there in the indian ocean . guys, back to you.