Nightly News   |  August 20, 2009

Hurricane Bill hovers in Atlantic

Aug. 20: Hurricane Bill continued to build in the Atlantic Ocean Thursday, but was not expected to make landfall. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore reports.

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ANN CURRY, anchor: Hurricane Bill continues to churn in the Atlantic , though it's not expected to make landfall. Still , strong waves and dangerous rip currents are predicted along much of the East Coast for the next several days. At the moment , this big storm is heading towards Bermuda , and Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel is in Bermuda for us tonight . Hey, Jim.

JIM CANTORE reporting: Hey, good evening, Ann. If you look at Bermuda , it's only about 20 square miles . It's shaped like a small J with a dot on the top of it, and that dot is where the airport is. So getting from the main part of the island over to the airport will be nearly impossible with some of that wave action tomorrow. Already, within 48 hours of its closest point, you can see some of the huge waves that are already coming in and running up the beach and beginning the erosion process. The beach that I'm standing on here will not be here when this storm goes on by. The evacuation process here is basically for people that want to leave the island . The airport 's going to be shut down when we get aircraft in tomorrow. And then once you leave, that will be it by Friday afternoon. Two cruise ships that were supposed to leave Saturday are leaving a day early. So vacationers coming to Bermuda are getting their vacation cut short. These waves are heading to the East Coast . Back to you.

CURRY: All right. Thanks for the warning. Jim Cantore this -- tonight with more on that.

ANN CURRY, anchor: OK. And here's something to keep in mind this hurricane season . The government said today that this summer 's average global ocean temperatures are the warmest they've been since record keeping began in 1880 . Some of that is because of the natural El Nino effect, and some is being attributed to global warming . The warm water temperatures feed hurricanes, but for swimmers it's a paradise. The water temperature in Maine this week was a balmy 72 degrees. When NIGHTLY NEWS continues this evening, tough new rules for credit card companies and what that means for you.