Nightly News   |  October 15, 2009

Mixed reviews for Obama's New Orleans visit

Oct. 15: President Barack Obama visited a charter school and held a town hall meeting in New Orleans Thursday, telling audiences he is committed to rebuilding the city and making it stronger. NBC's David Gregory reports.

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>> atlanta.

>>> president obama made his remarks about social security in his first visit to new orleans as president. a whirlwind four-hour trip today that some residents claim was more of a photo-op than anything else. he visited a charter school and held a town hall meeting telling the audience that he is committed to rebuilding new orleans and making it stronger. but not everyone was convinced.

>> why is it four years after corinne and we're still fighting with the federal government for money to repair our devastated city? i mean, i expected as much from the bush administration , but why are we still being nickelled and dimed in our recovery?

>> there are all sorts of complications between the state, the city and the feds in making assessments on the damages. now, i wish i could just write a check. you say why not? well, you know, there's this whole thing about the constitution and congress and -- so i guess my point is this, i make no excuses for the fact that the federal government did not work effectively with state and local governments immediately in the aftermath of the storm.

>> the president left new orleans to head to a democratic party fund-raiser in san francisco .

>>> two more of this country's