Nightly News   |  October 29, 2009

Obama calls Dover visit a ‘sobering reminder’

Oct. 29: As he weighs a potential troop increase in Afghanistan, President Barack Obama made a surprise midnight trip to honor 18 U.S. soldiers killed in the line of duty. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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WILLIAMS: And good evening from Kabul in Afghanistan .

Newscast: Obama calls Dover Air Force base visit a sobering reminder

BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor (Kabul, Afghanistan): In the middle of the night last night, the president of the United States went to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware and he stood right where countless family members and dignitaries have stood during the eight years the US has been at war. And last night he did what they have all done, he watched as the American war dead came home. And he saluted them, all 18 of them. By the time he returned to the White House , it was well past 4 in the morning . And today he talked about the experience, especially in terms of the big decision he has to make about the war here in Afghanistan .

President BARACK OBAMA: It was a sobering reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices that our young men and women in uniform are engaging in every single day. The burden that both our troops and their families bear in any wartime situation is going to bear on how I see these conflicts. It is something that I think about each and every day.