Nightly News   |  November 09, 2009

Gulf Coast braces for Tropical Storm Ida

Nov. 9: Tropical Storm Ida is expected to hit Louisiana, Alabama and Florida late Monday with heavy winds and torrential rain. NBC's Al Roker reports.

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>>> the year thus far.

>>> we want to bring you up to date now on a huge weather system barreling toward the u.s. gulf coast . it was a hurricane as recently as this morning. it's now tropical storm ida. it's expected to make landfall tonight with heavy winds, torrential rain. who else but our own al roker in the thick of it tonight. he's with us from pensacola beach in florida. al, good evening.

>> good evening to you, brian. and behind me you can see the gulf quite angry right now. it waves about five to ten feet, and we are watching this storm starting to barrel towards us right now at 60 miles southeast of the moun of the mississippi, 165 miles south-southwest of pensacola. it's got 70-mile-per-hour winds. it's moving pretty quick at a clip of about 18 miles per hour to the north. we're expecting to come onshore some time later on tonight. the path of the storm, as you can see, making its way onshore, or late tonight early tomorrow morning , and then across southern georgia. rainfall amounts going to be copious. we're talking anywhere from five to ten inches of rain from -- from florida all the way on up into parts of georgia and the carolinas. of course, we'll update you first thing in the morning on "wake up with al" on the weather channel at 6:00 and the "today" show at 7:00. back to you, brian.

>> al roker in pensacola. we'll see you tet next one, al. come home safe.

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