Nightly News   |  November 16, 2009

Lewis Millett, Medal of Honor winner, dies

Nov. 16: Medal of Honor recipient Lewis Millett, a retired colonel who fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, died Monday. He was 88. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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>>> at nearby camp victory .

>>> louis millet has died. he fought in world war ii , korea and vietnam, and he was the recipient of the medal of honor . he was born in the state of maine and so badly wanted to fight the nazis in world war ii he joined the canadian army because fdr promised not to get america into the fight. well, pearl harbor changed all of that and lou millet then joined the u.s. army when we entered the war. but it was a bold bayonet attack that he honored in korea which alluded him the medal of honor in 1951 . lou millet was 88 and his death leaves 93 medal of honor recipients .

>>> we have a followup tonight