Nightly News   |  November 26, 2009

Brian Williams on state dinner: 'Security couldn't have been tighter'

Nov. 26: Brian Williams shares his account of witnessing the reality TV hopefuls trying to get into the White House state dinner.

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>> we will wait for that.

>>> as you may know, brian williams did attend the dinner and it turns out he did notice this party-crashing couple earlier at the gates of white house . brian is off today with his family but he did time off to give us an eyewitness account in his own words.

>> we were waiting to get in the east gait. werm several cars in light and we were just parked. we couldn't figure out what the holdup was. it turns out an suv was trying to turn around and get out. the first ring of secret security worked. the vehicle belonging to this couple, the one they were being driven in, was turned away. after their vehicled was turn wade by the vehicle service, they opened out. what attracted our attention was, there was at least one camera trailing them. and a makeup woman got out and fixed the woman's hair and then started powdering the man's forehead. my wife and i thought that was strange for people who were dressed like state dinner guests. we encountered them during cog tames. i remember saying to my wife. that's them. that's the couple we saw on the stlet with the makeup detail and the camera following them. it wasn't an event at the state dinner . no one was talking about them. as far as i'm concerned, security count have been tighter. our security was stopped three times, sniffed by dogs, two photo i.d. checks. three checkpoints on our way into the grounds. we were questioned by plain-clothed members of the secret service . our names had to be checked off a list. if this turns out to be somebody's 15 minutes , the e e quiv lip of state dinner balloon boy and girl, i think that will be tragic and fa athlepathetic. people in the white house work hard. it's pardon to put on a state dinner . and it was honored to be invited there.

>> brian williams on his observations on the couple who crashed the first state dinner hosted by the obamas.