Nightly News   |  December 11, 2009

Hundreds arrested at 'climate justice' rally

Dec. 12: More than 35,000 protesters descended on the square in front of Denmark's Parliament building Saturday, demanding action from climate conference delegates. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

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>> for being with us tonight.

>>> now to copenhagen . the streets were filled with tens of thousands of protesters from already the world, demanding action to stop global warming . their demonstrations were mostly peaceful, but hundreds our arrested. our report tonight from chief environmental affairs want anne thompson in copenhagen .

>> reporter: an extraordinary sight in front of denmark's parliament building . 35,000 protesters filling the square. stepping off on a slow march with an urgent plea. save the planet. the four-mile trek to the site of the climate talks was part street theater , part political theater . these women mocked rich countries .

>> the marchers have a simple message for the delegates. stop talking and start acting.

>> reporter: this man pushed his 10-month-old son, worried about his future and the future of those elsewhere in the world.

>> i definitely want them to -- to make an agreement that's fair also in the third-world countries.

>> reporter: that's what the marchers call climate justice . they want rich countries to help poor countries already dealing with the affects of disappearing natural resources by creating $100 billion fund. but at the negotiating table, rich countries are only talking about a quick-start $10 billion fund. the world joined in on this climate day of action. australia, indonesia, and india all marched. outside beijing, chinese students dressed a christmas tree in life preservers and put it in a dry river bed. in copenhagen , it wasn't all peaceful. some protesters scuffled with police. the march ended with a candlelight vigil outside the talk site. these matchers are from canada.

>> that's really important for our governments to provide funding for green energies.

>> reporter: looking for solutions to preserve the planet and stop climate change . anne thompson , nbc news, coachen hagan.

>>> now to that early winter