Nightly News   |  December 25, 2009

Obama monitoring security from Hawaii

Dec. 25: CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla speaks with NBC’s Chuck Todd.

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>> peter alexander , thank you for that. news of the flight reached the president in hawaii where he is spending his christmas vacation . chuck todd is there with more on how the white house is responding tonight. good evening to you.

>> reporter: good evening, carl. as you noted, the president did receive word about this incident about 9:30 this morning hawaii time. he's been doing a couple of secure conference calls with his chief terrorism-counterterrorism advisor john brennan who is in washington, and his highest ranking security advisor here who is chief of staff of the national security council . he received two updates and will get a third one, sort of realtime information, as they've been getting information during the interrogation process of the.

>> this is the president and faneuilly's first full vacation weekend. is the fact this is such on the front burner a sign how seriously they are taking this?

>> reporter: well, it is. it is a skeleton staff here, as you know. they've been behind closed doors all day today taking this seriously. this isn't simply one of those situations where you hear, oh, the white house is monitoring this situation. it is more than that. the president ordered initial increase in airline security measures, which will take effect almost immediately and definitely in the next week as things, as of course, which is going to be a high-level travel situation. again, he's getting these updates. we are suspecting it's going to be suddenly much more of a working weekend for the president rather than a relaxed weekend here.

>> i was going to say, no indications at this point this is not going to be at the top of the president's agenda for the foreseeable future going onto the next few days?

>> reporter: absolutely. again, they believe, you know, because of these reports about a potential connection to al qaeda and that this is a terrorism situation, and potential terrorism situation, it is something they are going to be at the highest level of alert at this point.

>> chuck todd in honolulu, we appreciate that.

>>> another concern for travelers this