Nightly News   |  February 05, 2010

East coast storm to stretch through weekend

WRC's Bob Ryan reports.

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>> washington . tom costello, thanks.

>>> bob ryan is the man to see about weather in washington . he's our veteran at wrc- tv channel 4 in the d.c. area he's been on the air for hours today. he'll stay on for hours all this weekend. bob, you've got 7 million people in just the area that's getting 20 inches or more. i didn't think it was possible to squeeze three inches an hour out of a snowstorm.

>> we later on tonight, brian, may be hearing thunder. when these intense storms really intensify off the coast, it's called a meteorological bomb that the storm intensifies so much. that can happen. we are only 0.10 of the way there. in washington , only two inches of snow, but there are now indeed blizzard warnings, not only for washington but coastal areas and around the chesapeake bay . late tonight winds will be increasing 30 to 40 miles per hour. it's not only washington . you can see the extent of the warnings and the blizzard warnings all the way from new jersey to the delaware coastline. there is the storm right now. it's in south carolina . when it moves off the coast later on tonight, it really intensifies so here is now things look for washington . we are getting moderate snows coming in. the worst of it will be overnight tonight early tomorrow morning with those thunder snows possible, where it may snow at two to three inches an hour. something that sometimes happens around the great lakes. that means still upwards of 24 inches of snow possible and out toward the blue ridge , maybe as much as three feet of snow, brian.

>> the hardest-working man in the weather business, always has been, bob ryan . thanks for being with us tonight.

>>> before this storm boiled up