Nightly News   |  February 05, 2010

Clinton returns to Haiti to lead aid efforts

In his second visit to Haiti since the earthquake, former President Clinton arrived in Port-au-Prince on Friday and apologized for the slow pace of relief efforts. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> no decision yet.

>>> it's been more than three weeks since the earthquake. because so many americans have contributed so much to this recovery effort, they want to know how it's going and whether the people who need help are getting it. tonight, as our own nbc's kerry sanders reports, the picture is mixed at best.

>> reporter: day 24 after the quake. overlooking port-au-prince, the red cross hires a local advance team to coordinate aid distribution. tape goes up to control crowds, long lines form. it's mostly ordinarily. only those with tickets recently handed out will get a tent and plastic covering. quake victims say they're desperate. what assistance do you see here?

>> the water, the water.

>> reporter: water, only water? nothing else?

>> nothing.

>> reporter: after an hour, bad news. the trucks can't make it. applause for the attempt, but disappointment. and that's the problem. with more than 2 million people to feed every day, logistics are still a challenge. former president and envoy bill clinton came to haiti.

>> i'm sorry it's taking so long, but these people are working hard.

>> reporter: this afternoon clinton visited a field hospital still treating 500 patients a day. the red cross plan now? try it all again tomorrow, and then across the city, again, again and again, until everyone has some sort of rainproof shelter. this woman waved to shows us her just-built home. it is just tree limbs and will be like this until the plastic from the red cross arrives. this is all you have. are you angry?

>> no.

>> reporter: she and other quake survivors are, again, left to fend for themselves one more night. kerry sanders , nbc news,