Nightly News   |  February 06, 2010

More winter weather on the way?

NBC’s Lester Holt speaks with Paul Goodloe of the Weather Channel.

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>> york.

>>> how much more snow can we expect? let's get the latest from the weather channel 's paul goodloe in the nation's capital.

>> reporter: this was definitely one of the top five snowiest snowstorms here in d.c. in fact, you had two feet of snow. take a look at what that actually looks like if you're trying to perhaps dig out the sidewalks, which people will be doing as the sun comes up tomorrow. clear skies right now. but again, the question is the forecast. right now we're watching a storm in california bring some concerns for mud slides there. that continues to push east and join up with another storm. and by monday that is bringing some snow to the northern mississippi valley and some rain to the south. by tuesday it's starting to bring some snow across the great lakes, more rain in the southeast, and then by wednesday we could see more heavy snow. the mid-atlantic, the northeast, new england. so once again, as we head towards the middle of next week, we could see more concerns or perhaps more scenes like this of perhaps near record or record-setting snow falling across d.c. to philly, back up to new york city , maybe even boston with the next snowstorm coming our way. so it looks like the winter of 2010 continues to be a very snowy one, especially here, the mid-atlantic and the northeast. lester?

>> paul goodloe , thanks very much.