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Nightly News   |  February 08, 2010

City of Saints basks in Super Bowl glory

New Orleans was still in the throes of celebration on Monday as the long-suffering Saints returned home having won football's biggest prize. NBC's Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> night? nightly news begins now.

>>> if you think last night's epic super bowl was just a football game , the newspaper in new orleans , sold more papers today than any other day in its history. people lined up outside the building to buy papers. and look at something else, the headlines back when times were bad in that town after katrina , including help us, please. replaced, the best news in that city in years, today's paper. the game was seen by the largest audience in u.s. television history . over 106 million viewers, that's just an early estimate. people who had no connection with new orleans pulled for the new orleans saints. and those from new orleans , well, that party you could hear all the way from new york. never before has a team been such an emblem for an entire city. janet shamlion is lucky enough to be there for us tonight.

>> reporter: as can you hear, they are still celebrating on bourbon street tonight. a win that turned this new orleans 's team into america's team. a sentiment at favorite across the country. hard won after years of struggle, not unlike that faced by the city the team calls home.

>> we played for so much more than just ourselves, we played for our city. we played for the entire gulf coast region . we played for all the entire who dat nation.

>> that is the most precious moment that a father can share with his son.

>> reporter: drew brees not just the mvp quarterback, but the biggest cheerleader of post katrina revival. in the city of mardi gras , 3 it was a party for the ages. as tens of thousands filled the streets of the french quarter , celebrating something bigger than a sports win.

>> this is an incredible time in the reaffirmation of the city. we have come back, we are better than ever.

>> reporter: in the still devastated lower ninth ward, the saints have given them hope.

>> the saints lift the city up. after katrina , that was our savier. they lifted the city up.

>> reporter: rodney santer measures progress by the letter.

>> after katrina , we probably had 50 deliveries on this side, now we have three mail men because there's so many deliveries.

>> we are proof you can overcome it.

>> reporter: the victory on the gridiron will bring a revival.

>> we haven't only won a football game and a championship, we're reborn.

>> reporter: victory parade is planned for here tomorrow night even in a city for throwing big parties. planners are saying this one will have no equal.

>> janet, thanks. and you know