Nightly News   |  February 08, 2010

Winter wallop, round two

The mid-Atlantic braces for even more snow after a giant winter storm buried much of the region over the weekend. NBC's Tom Costello reports.

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>> in the broadcast tonight. now we turn to the giant winter storm that hit over the weekend and still today shut down the federal government in washington . it smacked the eastern seaboard all the way north to new jersey and believe it or not, a giant storm which today stretched from about austin to atlanta was gearing up to hit the east coast again. nbc's tom costello with us tonight from washington . good evening.

>> reporter: the national weather service calls this historic, and the bad news today, we're getting another 10 to 20 inches on top of this. this is 20 to 30 already. this is getting ridiculous. two days after snowmageddon, washington was postcard beautiful today. under blue skies , backbreaking work as the entire mid-atlantic dug out from two to three feet of snow.

>> we need everybody in the community that's strong and willing --

>> reporter: it's been an around the clock effort with downed trees, collapsed roofs and many secondary roads still impassable. at bwi, dulles and reagan international airports , they cleared enough snow for flights to resume today.

>> i was supposed to leave friday.

>> reporter: across the region, utility crews are still struggling to restore power to tens of thousands of customers.

>> how long have you been without power?

>> since friday night. sometime in the middle of the night .

>> reporter: this family is going on 72 hours without heat or power. with the temperature inside dipping to 45 degrees, they've been camping out in sleeping bags by the fireplace.

>> it feels warmer when you're outside and bundled up, when you're moving around, it's not so bad.

>> we could see another foot of snow here in d.c. easily a half foot of more snowfalling in philadelphia starting tuesday, right on into thursday morning.

>> reporter: in pennsylvania, that brought a mid shovel pause.

>> no matter how hard we're going to do all this, it's coming back again tomorrow, the next day.

>> reporter: as for meg, she and her kids are tired of being cold. tonight they're staying with neighbors who do have power and heat. we still have states of emergency in d.c., virginia, maryland, west virginia and the concern is if we're going to get hit harder in the coming days.

>> thanks, tom.