Nightly News   |  February 10, 2010

Road conditions worsen in New Jersey

WNBC's Pat Battle reports.

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>> anne, thanks. we now want to go to our friend pat battle in woodbridge, new jersey. pat, you and i covered a lot of these over the years. this is about as bad a snow/wind combo as we can get here in midtown.

>> reporter: i think you said it, brian. we weathered a lot of storms but this is starting to pick up in intensity. you see the wind is blowing, the snow is coming down. for the first time in a very long time, new jersey transit suspended bus service statewide tonight. that is a very rare occurrence, as of 7:00 tonight. they were able to do so though because ridership was so light here in the state of new jersey today, a lot of people headed the warnings and did stay home tonight . for those who ventured out, state police say they responded to more than 450 calls for assistance. more than 150 accidents, and that's just the state police , not counting locals. one of the of the most serious accidents on the major thorough fair, route 287 involved a snowplow that went off the road. that gives you an indication of just how bad the roads are tonight here in new jersey. we are under about 18 inches of snow in most parts of the state. brian, back to you.

>> pat battle in woodbridge, new jersey. thanks for that. all