Nightly News   |  February 10, 2010

Snowiest winter on record for several Eastern states

NBC's Al Roker offers the winter weather outlook for the week.

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>> jersey. thanks for that. all of this brings us to al roker who joined us here on the rink because we bring you to all the nicest places. did i hear correctly tonight that baltimore and washington have received more snow this season so far than buffalo, new york?

>> absolutely. more snow than cleveland, ohio. we are getting hammered. the snow amounts so far, we are talking snowfall amounts 10.5 inches so far in washington , 17 baltimore , 20 in new freedom, pennsylvania, and 12 in philly, philadelphia, baltimore and washington , d.c., all snowiest seasons on record. we take a look at watches and warnings. we've got blizzard warnings from north carolina , washington , virginia, delaware, jersey, new york city . that's because of the winds. take a look on the radar. you can see it is spinning. this system is doing just as we predicted. it is intensifying as we move off the coast, drawing in that moisture off the atlantic, mixing with the colder air. we have wind gusts 55 miles per hour. jfk reporting wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. as that system moves off, you can see the isobars tightening. we have strong winds and that's why we have blizzard-like conditions. we have three to six inches of snow on top of what's already fallen. some areas may pick up another six to nine inches. while the snow will start to taper off after midnight tonight, these blizzard warnings go into effect here in new york city until 6:00 a.m .

>> an intense blizzard event here in new york. so rare to see this intensity in the weather.

>> absolutely.

>> al, thanks for being with us out here. we'll see you later in the broadcast.

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