Nightly News   |  February 11, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton hospitalized

Former President Bill Clinton was resting comfortably Thursday night after undergoing angioplasty at New York Presbyterian Hospital, the same hospital where he was treated for heart disease six years ago. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

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>>> good evening. former president bill clinton is hospitalized in new york tonight. he apparently was suffering discomfort, chest pains . he sought treatment. tonight doctors inserted two stents. a spokesman said "bad things could have happened" if a few more days had gone by without treatment. it is fixed in time and he is in good spirits this evening. last time we saw the former president publically, he was in haiti helping with the relief effort there. a day trip down and back to new york . the former president is 63 years old. he had quadruple bypass in '04, a small procedure in '05. bill clinton has a bad heart and has been under treatment and dietary restrictions for years. we have the latest beginning with anne thompson at columbia presbyterian hospital in new york .

>> reporter: good evening, brian. apparently this all began two days ago. a hospital source tells nbc news on tuesday, former president clinton called his cardiologist complaining of chest pains . he made an appointment to see the doctor on wednesday, but canceled that appointment. we assume because of yesterday's snowstorm. he went to see his cardiologist today, and it was at that visit it was determined he needed to undergo this procedure. the procedure involved inserting two stents into a coronary artery . a stent is a wire mesh tube that holds the artery open, allowing blood to flow through and to ease the pain. he is here at the hospital, and as you said, he is in good spirits. you'll remember that six years ago this is where the former president came to undergo his quadruple bypass surgery . his wife secretary of state hillary rodham clinton learned of her husband's procedure as she left the oval office about 3:30 this afternoon. we understand she is on her way here to new york to see her husband tonight. brian, back to you.

>> anne thompson at the hospital in upper manhattan tonight. thanks.

>>> as we said, this is