Nightly News   |  February 11, 2010

Winter storm brings snow to Texas

Snow blanketed north Texas Thursday, leaving some areas under six inches or more. NBC's Janet Shamlian reports.

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>> thanks.

>>> big troubles tonight in texas. a big snowfall for them crippling a big area on a friday night in the dallas -ft. worth metro area . our own janet shamlian drove for hours today in near whiteout conditions. she is with us from the highway landmark, if you know the area, the so-called high five, five-way intersection. janet, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening to you. they are simply not used to this weather in north texas . this heavy snow has been falling since this morning. winter storm warn, going to continue until midnight. in some areas, nine inches of snow. officially, this is the snowiest day in the dallas -ft. worth area in some 32 years. between the two major airports here, hundreds of flights have been canceled. schools closed early and canceled for tomorrow. business is closed. at one point some 15,000 homes are without power. this maybe the best of what we are going to see over the next 24 hours because as evening comes, the temperature is going to drop. what you see behind me, these wet, slick streets are going to ice over, making travel even more treacherous tonight and into the morning, whether you're driving, walking on a sidewalk or trying to get somewhere by air. brian, this is not an area that invests a lot of its budget into snowplows or salt trucks.

>> talk about washington, d.c., then there is dallas -ft. worth. janet, thank you for your treacherous drive to bring us this story live tonight.

>>> now, overseas to iran. on