Nightly News   |  February 12, 2010

Patrick Kennedy will not run for re-election

Congressman Patrick Kennedy, the second son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, announced he will not seek re-election to Congress. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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>> bazell, nbc news, new york.

>>> congressman patrick kennedy , the second son of the late senator ted kennedy , announced last night he will not seek re-election to congress. while he is a massachusetts kennedy, he has represented rhode island in congress for eight terms. kennedy has in the past battled depression and addiction. he xwafb an emotional eulogy at his dad's memorial service . today he talked about stepping back away from politics since his father's death.

>> i feel like i was so blessed having the 15 years i had with my dad serving in congress, especially the last two years, to have gotten as close as i did with him, and to know that ultimately, it's personal relationships that matter the most.

>> patrick kennedy , who said today he plans to build on what he considers his biggest legislative accomplishment, a law that requires physical and mental health coverage to be treated equally, as he devotes himself to working on substance abuse issues, as well.

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