Nightly News   |  February 12, 2010

Canada brings up curtain on winter games

NBC's Kevin Tibbles, a proud Canadian, reports.

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>> trilipix. there's more to cholesterol.

>>> finally tonight, a big night for canada. we are very lucky to have many canadians as part of our "nightly news" family. kevin tibbles is a friend and family and canadian. how does it feel?

>> i feel i should be apologetic that vancouver is about to hold the biggest show on earth tonight. i'm not. what you'll find over the course of the olympics is canadians are very proud of the fact they are canadian. thousands turned out for this torch relay that ran across this country. my son saw it way out in halifax about 2 1/2 time zones from where we are standing right now. everyone is going to be watching. everyone will want to know if you want to come in for a slice of sugar pie or an animo bar out here on the west coast in canada.

>> we'll define it along the way.

>> they'll be very apprehensive. they've got to get the goal in hockey.

>> it's all about the hockey for the canadians . kevin, we are glad to be here for the ride. a reminder,