Nightly News   |  February 13, 2010

Dicey weather tests organizers, athletes

Wind, rain and unseasonably warm temperatures are wreaking havoc on the early part of the Olympics schedule. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>> at least seven arrests. the other factor making big news here again tonight is this weather. these are the winter games , after all. but this feels more like spring weather. it's raining, and windy and raw tonight. but that means, it's not crisp and cold and snowy. that's disrupting the schedule, nbc's ron mott's been reporting on this all day.

>> good evening to you. it has gotten foggy and slushy and particularly dangerous back there in the mountains. and the forecast calls for pretty much more of the same in coming days. wind, fog, rain, and air too mild to be called wintry. dicey weather conditions to challenge organizers and athletes tonight. today the men's alpine downhill at whistler was postponed until monday because of wet conditions. and at cyprus mountain, plagued by a lack of snow, snowboarding training was scratched to replenish and reserve the course, while moguls training there friday was mired by diminished visibility. women's competition remains scheduled for tonight.

>> we can see far enough to ski it, but if they can't see us, then we won't do it.

>> reporter: forecasters say much of the weather woes, particularly this week's rolling fog, are attributed to the lingering mild temperatures that have settled over vancouver since the start of the year, making january the warmest ever recorded.

>> you're basically creating what we call infection fog. warm air over a cold surface. and as long as we have that, until we can get some colder, drier air in here, we're going to continue to have that.

>> and we're going to continue to see the rain that's in the forecast for the next 24 to 36 hours , brian, with temperatures here around downtown vancouver , 50 degrees.

>> oh, my goodness. good for us. bad for what we're here for. ron, thanks.