Nightly News   |  February 22, 2010

Toyota subpeonaed about recalls

The scope of investigations into Toyota continued to grow Monday as U.S. federal prosecutors and securities regulators demanded information about the company's handling of its vehicles safety problems. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports.

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>> where that story stands, thanks.

>>> to the latest trouble for toyota , new documents made public as congressional hearings are about to get underway. and it's what's in them that's sure to raise the public's anger at a company already under fire for all those safety problems. our own kelly o'donnell with us from capitol hill tonight. kelly, two audiences are watching this. members of congress, investigators and those consumers who would still like answers.

>> reporter: absolutely, brian. more than 8 million cars have been recalled and tonight the scope of the investigation is getting bigger. a federal grand jury and the securities and exchange commission are involved. toyota says it has been subpoenaed to turn over documents. this comes after internal memos came to light that show toyota executives boasting they were able to get federal regulators to stop looking into acceleration complaints in 2007 when toyota replaced floor mats. it didn't make repairs, that saved $100 million. take all of these developments and you have a starting point for the congressional hearing . on the hot seat, the north american representatives. and then the ceo from japan to comment