Nightly News   |  February 27, 2010

Chile quake an ‘absolute nightmare’

Rodolfo Paredes, executive producer for Chile’s TVN national television network, tells NBC’s Lester Holt what it was like in Santiago, Chile – about 200 miles from the epicenter – when the earthquake struck.

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>> ann thompson tonight, thank you.

>>> a short while ago i spoke with the executive producer for chile's national television network . rudolpho, thank you for joining us. i know you were awakened by the earthquake this morning. tell us what you experienced and saw enroute to the studio?

>> as you know, chile usually is a very very common things to have earthquakes this time it was serious instantly, it was more than two or three seconds when everything started moving, lights went out instantly, i could see right through the windows in my apartment how the sky turned green in some parts of the city, yellow, orange in other parts as the power cables were going off. you could also hear the rumbling of crystal going down. right next to my apartment trees were falling down, cars were moving. it was an absolute nightmare, i have never been through something like this before.

>> can you tell me what you saw when you went outside and began to venture out?

>> major destruction. there were walls collapsed, once i started moving to the tv station where i work, you could clearly see that this was a major thing, because there were water pipes broken, there was absolutely no light, nothing -- no power lines . people standing outside not knowing what to do, trying to find refuge in places where they would usually never go at that time of the night. we've been having up to this point at least 15 really strong aftershocks, we had also about 85 aftershocks that weren't so easy to feel.

>> thank you so much for taking the time to be with us this evening. we thank you so much. we wish you continued safe journeys.

>>> today's massive earthquake followed the