Nightly News   |  February 27, 2010

Crews scramble to restore power in Northeast

Thousands are still without electricity after a slow-moving storm dumped record amounts of snow across New York, Pennsylvania and parts of New England. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

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>> robert bazell , nbc news, new york .

>>> we turn now to the severe winter storm that pounded the northeast yesterday with heavy snow and hurricane force winds. in some areas, this is the third major storm in this month alone. it's lead to record snowfalls, cancelled flights. rehema ellis joins us from central park with an all too familiar scene.

>> reporter: people spent the day enjoying the beauty of all this snow in central park . in many parts of the northeast, people couldn't, they were trying to recover from the storm. the snow is so deep, people didn't just shovel it off roofs and sidewalks, they shovelled it off cars too.

>> we've had enough.

>> reporter: the slow-moving storm dumped record amounts of snow across new york , pennsylvania and parts of new england. monroe, new york got 31 inches, west millford, new jersey 28 inches. binghamton, new york 16.5 inches. it adds up to make february a month to remember.

>> i've never seen anything like it.

>> reporter: but wait, before you think winter weather is over. mike seidel of the weather channel says march could bring its own madness.

>> here in the catskills, two storms have dumped 4 to 5 feet of snow. and yet another system is expected to move up the east coast wednesday.

>> reporter: today crews were still working to restore power to hundreds of thousands of customers after more than a million homes and businesses lost electricity during the storm.

>> we got home just to see if the power was there. it was 47 degrees in the house.

>> reporter: back in new york , central park posted its own record, with the heaviest snowfall in february in over 100 years.

>> we've never seen so much snow. it's amazing.

>> go, go, go, go, go.

>> reporter: the 20.9 inches turned the city's park into a wonderland.

>> barely ever get to see a storm like this in new york . we've been taking advantage of it. we've been out here for like two hours already. we don't plan on leaving any time soon either.

>> reporter: you can't tell it by the look of things here, but spring is coming in about 20 days.

>> if you say so. thank