Nightly News   |  June 27, 2010

Family heartbroken to find oil on favorite beach

Stopping at a beach while driving just west of Gulf Shores, Alabama, NBC’s Mark Potter speaks with the Bible family of Tuscaloosa, who were horrified by what they found at their beloved vacation spot.

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LESTER HOLT, anchor: Whether it's Alex or another storm marching ashore later in the season, those oil-soaked stretches of gulf shoreline have never been more vulnerable. NBC 's Mark Potter paid a visit to one such beach today in Gulf Shores , Alabama .

MARK POTTER reporting: Lester , while driving just west of Gulf Shores , Alabama , we stopped along the beach to check things out, and this is what we found, a large pool of oil here along the beach and in other parts of the beach brought in by the rising tide. These are not tar balls, this is liquid, thick, black oil that's been washed up on this beach. Offshore, there are a number of skimmer boats out there trying to stop the oil from coming in, but a lot of it is getting past and coming in on the waves. While here we met a family from Tuscaloosa , Alabama . This is their favorite vacation spot, and they were horrified by what they found.

Mr. JAMIE BIBLE: It's horrible. I mean, it's absolutely horrible. This is -- this is kind of our family vacation spot. To see it like this, it just breaks your heart.

POTTER: Jamie and Jennifer Bible come to this area regularly and have brought their family for a holiday, but now won't go near the water.

Ms. JENNIFER BIBLE: It's disgusting and it's heartbreaking. Sitting right there on the edge of that water is my favorite place in the world to be, and there's no way I could sit there right now.

POTTER: Workers in Alabama and Florida are struggling to stay ahead of the oil, but it's an uphill battle in the high heat and humidity. It's so bad, some workers fall victim to heat-related illnesses as the oil keeps coming in relentlessly on different beaches every day. Mark Potter , NBC News, Gulf Shores , Alabama .