Nightly News   |  August 04, 2010

Desperate hours for Pakistan flood survivors

Many in the flood zone have no food, no water, and no clue as to what happens next. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> in pakistan tonight, these are desperate hours for millions in the flood zone, but they are surviving. many have no food, no water and no clue what happens next. nbc's stephanie gosk reports from one of the many hard-hit towns in northwest pakistan .

>> reporter: the people of nowshera are knee deep in mud and neck high in misery. the rain has stopped here for now and the water is receding but it brings little good news to this small town in northwest pakistan . there is hardly any food or water and aid has yet to arrive. widespread illness might get here first.

>> translator: the majority of people are suffering from skin diseases and diarrhea. everyone is sick.

>> reporter: it is the worst flooding the country has seen in 80 years. an estimated 1500 are dead and tens of thousands more are stranded, some still stuck on rooftops. last thursday the river surged 16 feet in just three hours. some had no escape. among the worst hit were afghan refugees . 50,000 of them living in this now decimated camp. many assumed the local mosque would be a safe place . but it wasn't safe at all. the water was rising too high too fast. a small boy and an old man hung from one of these ceiling fans for three hours but they couldn't hold on forever. the water eventually swept them away. for those that survived, setting up tents in the middle of a busy street is one of the only options. much of the criticism is directed towards pakistani president , who has continued a european trip despite the disaster.

>> so far we haven't received any from the government. no food, no water, no help, nothing.

>> reporter: and like many here, he is afraid. the monsoon season has only just begun. stephanie