Nightly News   |  August 08, 2010

BP turns its attention to ‘bottom kill’

NBC’s Lester Holt speaks with NBC’s Anne Thompson.

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>>> it took three and a half months, but today bp was finally able to announce it has cemented the broken well shut in a test of the cap was a success. the story is far from over. our chief environmental affairs correspondent, ann thompson is at her post in venice, louisiana. hey, ann.

>> good evening, lester. bp has cemented the well from the top. but now it's turned its attention to the bottom. and the bottom kill, which will be achieved by finishing that first relief well. bp will start on that this week. it has about 100 feet more to go. and it's going to drill in 30-foot sections. and then the drill pile will come out and put in sensors to see how close they are to the mecondo well and what adjustments need to be made. if everything goes according to plan. bp hopes to intersect the well by next weekend. meanwhile, clean-up continues along the coast of louisiana. today we found workers sopping up oil out in the bay and it's pictures like these that have residents and scientists scoffing at the government's claim that most of the oil has been recovered or evaporated or disper dispersed. they say there's no way that the nation's worst environmental disaster can be neatly wrapped up in