Nightly News   |  August 29, 2010

Brian Williams: New Orleans not yet whole

Five years after reporting from a broken and battered New Orleans, NBC’s Brian Williams reflects on the progress of the city’s rebuilding effort.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, host (New Orleans): tonight. If anyone is curious to see it or relive it, we have posted on our Web site our broadcast from exactly five years ago tonight. At airtime, I had just emerged from the Superdome after spending the night in there with thousands of New Orleanians . I was allowed out to do the broadcast, but sadly, and later tragically, they were forced to remain inside for several more days. We emerged to find the city battered. I remember seeing all the windows busted out at one hotel. There was debris everywhere, but we didn't know about the levees yet, just the cleanup. We interviewed a bar owner whose big fear that night was the storm hurting tourism into the next week. If it had been just a week's worth of economic impact, that would have been great. Anyone would have agreed to that deal. Instead, from here in New Orleans to Mississippi and beyond, tonight begins the sixth year of the recovery effort. These new homes in this neighborhood are already a home for the fortunate families, but this city won't be whole until the others get home as well.