Nightly News   |  September 02, 2010

East Coast braces for Hurricane Earl

From the Carolinas to Canada, the East Coast is keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Earl's every move. NBC's Al Roker reports.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: And right on schedule, it's starting to get sporty along the outer banks of North Carolina , where Al Roker is in Kill Devil Hills . And, Al , I don't need to tell you, just a difference of one degree and you're going to have 110-mile-an-hour winds coming in right in over top of your head.

AL ROKER reporting: That's right , Brian . In fact, you can see the sea is getting pretty angry out there right there. The storm -- the trop -- the hurricane-force winds extend out about 70 miles from the center of the storm, but tropical-force winds over 200 miles from the center. So whether it makes landfall or not, we are still going to be looking at some action here. When it gets close here, a three- to five-foot storm surge when we expect it to come across, it's right about the same time as high tide, about 3 AM . So that water is going to be rushing up right up to these dunes as that storm surge comes onshore. We're looking for anywhere from four to six inches, some areas picking up more than seven inches of rain as this system moves past. And, again, the big problem is going to be the storm surge , the winds. Again, hurricane-force winds probably will rake this part of the outer banks as it makes its way up toward Long Island and on

into Cape Cod. Brian: All right, Al Roker . You get ready to hunker, my friend. We'll see you on the other end of this storm.