Nightly News   |  September 30, 2010

Storms pound East Coast

A massive rainstorm is blanketing much of the East Coast, causing dangerous flooding and a car accident that left four people dead. NBC's Tom Costello reports from Washington.

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WILLIAMS: Good evening.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor (Washington, DC): It's as if a monster storm hopped on I-95 and drove it right up the East Coast . Last night at this time it was in Miami . It has rocketed north , skirting the Atlantic . A relentless water pump. We're coming to you from Washington tonight, where the Potomac River , not far from here, is dangerously high, within sight of the National Monument . Streets are flooded all over the region. The winds are high enough to have already caused damage, and it's still motoring north and there's more on the way. NBC 's Tom Costello starts us off in suburban Chevy Chase , Maryland , tonight. Tom , good evening.

TOM COSTELLO reporting: Hi, Brian. Good evening to you. And in fact, the East Coast has really been struggling through drought conditions, but today it got hammered. It started out with heavy rain , then we had flash flood and tornado watches from the outer banks of North Carolina all the way north to New Jersey . It was the dead of night when howling winds and the heaviest rains in months swept through the mid- Atlantic , flooding neighborhoods, homes, roads, and making a mess of the morning rush . In metro Washington , it caused one city bus to slam into another, injuring 26 passengers, including eight high schoolers.

Assistant Chief SCOTT GRAHAM (Montgomery County, Maryland Fire and Rescue): It's neck pain, back pain, some minor lacerations and abrasions.

COSTELLO: The DC area is expecting seven inches of rain by the time this all moves out tonight.

TOM KIEREIN reporting: We've got many creeks and streams out of their banks.

COSTELLO: In Myrtle Beach , South Carolina , the water has much of the city in a standstill.

Unidentified Man: Hopefully it'll drain off, you know, in the next day or so, but right now we're pretty -- can't really get out.

COSTELLO: In North Carolina state troopers blamed the weather for a traffic accident that killed three. The Weather Channel 's Julie Martin is in a water-logged Wilmington , North Carolina .

JULIE MARTIN reporting: Well, this region has already seen close to 22 inches of rain since Sunday, and more is to come tonight. That's not only a four-day record, it's more rain than Hurricane Floyd produced back in 1999 .

COSTELLO: Meanwhile, NBC 's Mara Schiavocampo was 600 miles north in Bound Brook , New Jersey .

MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO reporting: Here by the banks of the Raritan River , they're expecting two to three inches of rain before morning, leading to minor flooding.

COSTELLO: Up and down the Atlantic seaboard the surf is dangerous and airport delays common.

Ms. LYNN KASPAREK (Delayed Air Traveler): They canceled my flight due to weather and I'm supposed to leave tomorrow morning at 5:50.

COSTELLO: Back live here in Chevy Chase , Maryland . We're expecting the rain to pick up rather substantially tonight, then finally die off later tonight. You know this, region has been thirsty for rain, but, Brian , we didn't need it all in one day . Back to you.

WILLIAMS: Tom Costello starting us off not far from here tonight.