Nightly News   |  December 01, 2010

Assange makes Interpol's most wanted list

As the fallout from WikiLeaks' latest data dump spreads across the globe, the man behind the whistleblower website is still nowhere to be found--but his lawyer insists he's not in hiding. NBC's Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers reports.

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>> mentioned, wikileaks now spreads across the globe, and the man behind this whistleblower website, an australian named julian assange, is nowhere to be found. the international police agency interpol has issued a red alert for asange. they want to talk to him about some serious allegations. a lot of people, as you might imagine, would like to talk to him about now. our report from our senior investigative correspondent lisa myers .

>> reporter: interpol 's decision to put him on the most wanted list reverbuated around the world. [ speaking foreign languages ]

>> reporter: the so-called red notice says he's wanted for sex crimes in sweden . prosecutors there want to question him about allegations of rape and sexual molestation by two women. wikileaks volunteers. allegations asange denies and calls dirty tricks . essentially, interpol is asking countries to be on the lookout for asange.

>> interpol is sending a message that they should take whatever steps are practical to find him and arrest him.

>> reporter: a british newspaper, which published the latest batch of secret documents , reported that asange was in a secret location somewhere outside london. today, his lawyer denied he's on the run and said law enforcement officials know where to find him. he called the allegations not of prosecution, but a persecution.

>> we're in a rather surreal swedish fairy tale where nothing haste happened like this before in sweden or else in civilized europe.

>> reporter: peter alexander is in stockholm tonight.

>> at least for now, the prosecutor is not commenting on any of the allegations made by asange's lawyer.

>> reporter: the allegations came after wikileaks made public thousands of secret documents about the war in afghanistan . was the timing a coincidence? or is this, as asange claims, all political to punish him?

>> my own experience with dealing with the prosecutors in sweden and others involved in the case, including the two women who complained and friends of asange, left me skeptical this was a political issue.

>> reporter: tonight, asange has more reason to look over his shoulder.