Nightly News   |  December 27, 2010

Blizzard tapers off as towering snowdrifts loom

The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel reports on the aftermath of the East Coast's epic snowstorm.

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>>> that. if you watched any of the weather channel coverage over the past 24 hours , you saw meteorologist mike seidel getting buffeted up in mass, as this storm swung into new england. mike has made it through the other end of the storm. mike, let's talk intensity. we have a place, elizabeth, new jersey, a short drive through the tunnel from here, right alongside newark airport . they got 31 inches of snow through that very severe band. somebody compared this to a cat 2 hurricane had it been late summer.

>> reporter: exactly right, brian. we're still dealing with the winds tonight. the snow has backed off but the winding will cut right through you. windchills below zero at boston's logan airport . we gusted to 50 miles an hour this afternoon, following a 80-mile-an-hour hurricane force wind gust last night on cape cod . the blizzard warnings wind down this evening, the last of those to expire. the storm is tracking northeast. the pressure dropped to 962 millibars this morning. that's about as low as we've ever seen it with a nor'easter or blizzard. to put that in perspective, that correlates with a strong category 2 or weak category 3 hurricane . with it being that strong, the storm, as it winds up tomorrow in canada, even though it's going to be so far away, we'll state get gusts of 40 miles an hour. down south, we're looking at another hard freeze. orlando goes down to 26. miami to 37. a big warmup, though, for a lot of us heading towards new year's.

>> a very handsome pile of snow behind you, as well. mike seidel in massachusetts, where it got sporty at the height of this storm. mike, thanks,s a always.