Nightly News   |  February 03, 2011

Emboldened by Egypt, protests spread

As the clamor for regime change spreads across the Arab world, there are signs that some governments are getting the message and making promises of reform. NBC's Martin Fletcher reports.

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>> again,0mq: we're here in amman where because of this wave, this/fp?> r( t&h?hp &hc spark of uprising here in the middle east , the feeling starting in tunisia, spreading across the region that,# ev we may be on the brink of some sort of big change. the king here in jordan suddenly decided this]o3# week to change his government before even the suggestion of it was forced-7?] on him. our own martin fletcher is here with us. he's a veteran of the middle jta0 east, but, martin, i think it's fair to say none of us have any experience in what we're seeing happen right now. this is new territory for everybody, including the king of qx today the king and prime minister of jordan met with the leaders of the muslim brotherhood for the first time in axj?t decade. the first official meeting in ten years, another sign they're hoping to avoid egypt's ?spreading, "down the call is with the regime." more demonstrations in yemen today. b thousands in several cities, calling on their president to leave after 32 power. but also spreading demonstrations in his support. no clashes inlvfd so far, though. another sign more arab governments are getting the algeria, the govern ment today t#k?age. promised it would end its 19-year state of emergency , m? and in gaza today, more peaceful s$? egypt's anti-government movement. with protests against their own government planned this weekend?"? in syria, encouraged on facebook. 13,000 people like a page calle4??e? "the syrian revolution ." jordan 's calls for political change at home have also been quiet but determined.

>> the myth of the strength of thedu?ox regime has disappeared and that has givenjpt a -- the courage to speak again.

reporter: everywhere, same call, for political change, more jobs, cheaper ?cw/?food. we were shown around a poor neighborhood in jordan 's capital. almost nonein%y of the men here are working, he says, and there's no unemployment money, no medical pension. the poor are on their own. this]c?& man is 34 aund unmarried. he says he can't afford it.?e#r @(t&h?hp &h&

>> yet i --

>> reporter: as president mubarak said this week, within te-h@years, 100 million arab young men and women will bel?/e unemployed. also serving notice on the governments across the region, they won't take it lying down@h&) any more. poora people here wanted these things for decades, brian, jobs, food, ?.ebdignity. what's new now is they're saying it out loud and in this part of the world, that's a huge thing. broadcast, we may be back here in the weeks and months to come. ,z4gr' fletcher, thanks as always.