Nightly News   |  February 05, 2011

Proposed protests don’t materialize in Syria

The calls for demonstrations – posted across social networking websites –were aiming to mark the day in 1982 when the army put down an uprising that cost the lives of more than 20,000 people. NBC’s Tom Aspell reports.

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>>> talk of reforms throughout the arab world there is one country where that seems highly unlikely. that country is syria . anti-american, anti-israeli and for decades controld by leader and his son. from damascus, nbc's tom aspo sho us what happened when some callsor protests today.

>>eporter: it was toe a day of rage but it is mply not going to happen. the streets are filled with secret policemen. authorities here are looking for people suspected of trying to organize the protests. th calls for protests were published on facebook, banned in syria and was pposed to mark the day in 1982 when the uprising began. more than 120,000 people were lled including 1,000 syrian soldiers.20,000 people were killed including 1,000 syrian soldiers. syria should be right for protest. 30% is under the age of 30 and unemployment is over 2. the syrian govnment is well aware of these risk factors. the government has moved to make changes here.

>> first of all is to contl prices of commodities. two, promise jobs for interested graduates who promise to give more freedom.

>> reporter: the president in a rare interview with the wall

street journal this week said: if if syria has escaped political turmoil until now, it may be because social and economic conditions are not yet ripe enough. nbc news, damascus.