Nightly News   |  February 19, 2011

Pirates seize Americans; military mulls response

U.S. military officials say they’re assessing possible responses after pirates hijacked a yacht with four Americans on board off the coast of Oman. NBC’s George Lewis reports.

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>>> u.s. military officials say they are considering how to respond to an act of piracy of americans in the indian ocean . they were headed to the coast when they were intercepted by pay rates off the coast of oman. their yacht is now believed to be heading toward somalia.

>> reporter: these fphotos from scott and jean adams website show the trip of a lifetime. as they traveled they handed out donated bibles. jean wrote," we expect this trip to hold unexpected suroperatiprisesurpri ses". they have lots of friends and there is plenty of concern here about their safety. last night as the news broke people were following the story closely. gee g we got an e-mail from them and they said they were going to take off and no more radio contact .

>> they didn't want the pay rates to know their location. officials said they were among four americans captured by pirates. the other two hostages were not identified. last year total of 28 vessels are still being held for ransom. this in spite of stepped up patrols by the fleet and navies of other countries. on wednesday, this pirate was sentenced to 34 years in prison. three other pay rairates were killed in a navy s.e.a.l. operation. last november a retired british couple were released after being held for 388 days.

>> and now, friends of scott and jean adam are praying for their rescue or release.