Nightly News   |  March 12, 2011

Grief-stricken Japan clings to survivor stories

Amid the chaos of the recovery effort, NBC’s Lester Holt reports on remarkable scenes of survival.

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>>> we're back now in tokyo. people around the world have been glued in front of tv's and computers looking at the clips of when the water surged ashore. some of the pictures have been horrendous and others inspiring. here now a look at the images in japan. in the hardest hit corner of japan, survival. in the middle of so much destruction and loss, hope. a group of kindergartenors rescued, stranded aboard a boat. now back on land. treating their injuries on the spot. today, growing worries about those who hadn't been found. lists of evacuees were posted at local shelters.

>> my husband hasn't come here yet. he left home a little later than me. our house was swept away.

>> on the roof of one hospital the staff used towels and sheets to spell out a simple desperate plea. 300 people help. and elsewhere, a young woman says she's glad to be alive.

>> we are all right. i'm relieved that my baby was not harmed.