Nightly News   |  April 26, 2011

More destructive storms expected

A powerful and violent storm continues to move through the South and Ohio Valley. Weather Channel Meteorologist Jim Cantore reports.

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>> cantore. he's in arkadelphia, arkansas tonight, where it got sporty a little while ago. jim, we were watching your incoming feed.

>> reporter: yeah, brian. the savage april continues here. and what makes tonight really interesting is the fact that yes, we've dealt with one round of storms. some of them have gone tornado off to our east. but the atmosphere is just so perfect and conditioned for tornadoes, another punch of the atmosphere is going to come in through here and we will have more storms that will possibly produce tornadoes here. probably a couple of times as we go on through the night tonight. so much real estate. as we move into tomorrow, too, you can see huge areas, especially from tupelo into huntsville, up into nashville, we'll be under that high risk for these long track and deadly tornadoes. and then as we get into thursday as these storms track overnight on wednesday it's the i-95 corridor. so as you mentioned, some 150 million people will be affected. when it's all over and we get a chance to breathe, 300 gauges will be in flood and hundreds of thousands of acres will still be underwater. brian?

>> all right. jim cantore in arkadelphia, arkansas. jim, we hope you and your team stay as safe as possible as we go on into the night covering all of this.