Nightly News   |  May 05, 2011

US-Pakistan tension erupts in open

Some Pakistani officials are publicly displaying anger over the way the U.S. took down al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. NBC’s Ann Curry reports.

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>> let's go to pakistan , to the scene of the raid where because of the raid and how it was carried out, strains are now evident with the united states . ann curry is on the ground at the bin laden compound. good evening.

>> reporter: hey, good evening to you, brian. tonight, pakistan is reeling, on the defensive, embarrassed, for the first time, publicly angry about the way the u.s. took down osama bin laden . today, as security was tightened around osama bin laden 's compound, a fury was unleashed from the most powerful man in pakistan , army chief general kiana who called sunday's raid a misadventure, warning in a memo that any similar action against pakistan would jeopardize the level of military cooperation with the united states .

>> the pakistani military has come out defensively with respect to this entire affair because they don't have any good options. either they look like they were complicit in the behavior of the world's most notorious terrorist, or they look like their incompetent.

>> today, they called the humil humiliation real, saying pakistan 's intelligence was caught, kwoetd, with its pants down. do you expect the world to believe that the intelligence services , the security services of pakistan are so incompetent they did not know osama bin laden was living 35 miles from islamabad.

>> yeah, this is a small town. they can make slips. they did make a slip.

>> reporter: also today, pakistan 's foreign secretary directly took on sususpicions that pakistan harbored osama bin laden .

>> this is a false hypothesis. this is a false charge.

>> reporter: a public relations offensive of a country desperate not to lose its more than $1.5 billion a year in u.s. aid . while at the same time, dealing with the wounded pride of its own people. many of whom refuse to believe osama bin laden was even killed here.

>> we are not stupid. america, we are not stupid. we know everything, what's going on.

>> reporter: today, hillary clinton acknowledged relations between pakistan and the united states are not always easy, but that cooperation will continue because it produces results. brian.

>> ann curry reporting on the ground in pakistan where it's getting interesting now between the two countries.