Nightly News   |  August 25, 2011

FEMA prepares ahead of Irene

Federal officials are determined not to be caught off guard by Irene. NBC’s Tom Costello has the latest from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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>>> are also determined not to be caught off guard by irene. nbc's tom costello with us tonight from washington. tom, good evening.

>> the government is very concerned about this storm's track, really right up the i-95 corridor. fema always has emergency supplies prepositioned, ice, blankets, cots, food, it's also putting advanced teams into place. i spoke a short time ago with the fema director .

>> bottled water, infant-children supplies, tarps, things that we have historically known that have been needed in the after math of a hurricane.

>>> and some airports are -- meanwhile am track has cancelled all train service south of d.c. for friday, saturday and sunday. another big concern on the east coast , the oil refineries in new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, nay produce nearly 80% of the country's gas and diesel fuel . the navy has ordered the their ships out to sea where they can better ride out the storm. and last week the national cathedral here in d.c. is establishing a perimeter to protect the public from fallen masonry.