Nightly News   |  August 26, 2011

How to prepare for Irene

NBC’s Kerry Sanders, a hurricane veteran, has tips on how to prepare for Hurricane Irene.

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>> banks of north carolina they will tell you the tried and true rules of getting up and out. kerry sanders is with us from atlantic beach , north carolina tonight.

>> reporter: it's mostly empty, the mandatory evacuation order went in for coastal north carolina and the veterans, as they left were sharing some advice with their neighbors to the north who have never been through this. it's exhausting but why bring in the chairs, that potted plant or the umbrella?

>> this is flying debris. this is one of the most dangerous aspects of a hurricane.

>> reporter: liz arnold and her buddy mary katherine grew up with the grueling hurricane menace.

>> you should be scared but you should have a plan, get moving and get ready to get out.

>> reporter: putting up shutters only work if you put up shutters on every single window in your house. the reason you're doing it is to prevent the wind from rushing in and potentially taking your roof off. if you haven't covered every window, it's very possible that's where those hurricane force winds will enter.

>> got to get out of here. get gas, get everything.

>> reporter: why that rush to get gasoline? when the power goes out after a hurricane, and it will, there's no way to pump gasoline for your car.

>> you never go through new york city without at least having a half a tank of gas because you could get stuck in a traffic jam and not have enough fuel to get out.

>> reporter: why fill a bathtub with water? when the power goes out and your toilet won't flush, grab a bucket, fill it with water and hold it about waste height and pour. it's a manual flush.

>> you need to be prepared. you need to prepare like the worst is going to happen just in case and if nothing happens, you know, you haven't lost anything.

>> reporter: and what will not work after the hurricane passes through is your credit card because the power will be out, so don't forget to stop by the atm now, there still is town. one other tip you've heard a lot about the flooding threat, don't ride this hurricane out in your basement. find an interior room in your house, that has a load bearing wall and no windows and ride it out there. very often, brian, that's in the bathroom.

>> hey, kerry, that means you too, time to get up those stairs, we'll see you during the coverage of this storm, but being prepared never hurt anybody, that's very true.