Nightly News   |  August 27, 2011

Al Roker faces Irene from Long Island, NY

NBC’s Al Roker is on Long Island, where Hurricane Irene is supposed to strike sometime Saturday night.

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>>> the question is what passes for the center of the storm will make landfall in long island, new york, long beach exactly. and al roker is there tonight. al, how was it so far?

>> brian, i tell you the weather is deteriorating rapidly. we are getting lightning and thunder. the ocean is really churning up. right now, irene is about 315 miles southwest of us. we're waiting for it to come in. and these beaches are going to see a storm surge off bout 4 to 8 feet. right about the time it comes on shore it is probably going to be during high tide which will cause some big problems, brian.

>> al, we'll be going back