Nightly News   |  September 08, 2011

River ‘up 30 feet in about 36 hours’

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore reports from Wilkes-Barre, Penn., where the river was projected to crest Thursday night at 41 feet.

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>>> to the weather channel meteorologist jim cantore . i just got a note from your severe weather specialist at the weather channel dr. greg forbes who says 2.4 trillion gallons of water has fallen in this storm in the susquehanna water shed . he said if you spread that out over the state of texas , it would give all of texas a half-inch of rain.

>> reporter: and sadly, texas could still need another foot to even start to get out of that drought. that's how dire that situation is. we're up about 30 feet in 36 hours . let's talk about the chronology of this flood. 36 thundershowers of relentless tropical downpowers right over the entire susquehanna water shed . look at these rainfall totals. these totals rivalling what we had in mississippi. we didn't have that kind of water upstream, we certainly had it with this storm all the way down in the nation's capital which have had three consecutive days. lee's remnants will continue to -- somewhere around 40.8 feet. during agnes, it was 40.9 feet.

>> this came out of nowhere. very dangerous situation, that part of the country. jim cantore , thanks to you.