Nightly News   |  September 10, 2011

Preserving stories, voices of 9/11 forever

A nonprofit group called Storycorps attempts to record audio "time capsules" of memories and stories for every person who died on Sept. 11, 2001. NBC's Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> 9/11 and a ground breaking effort to preserve them. as part of the story core audio project, survives and family and friends of those who died interview each other and each recording is archived at the library of congress . tonight,pete has some of the memories.

>> reporter: if the soul is contained in the human voice --

>> i miss her eyes. her eyes sparkled to me.

>> reporter: then this is how it's preserved for ever.

>> i was standing in the middle of five people and i'm the only one that survived.

>> reporter: here in lower manhattan in a small radio booth, hundreds have shared their stories to credit a kind of audio time capsule of memories.

>> and made me scared. remember that mikey told me that planes crashed and he wasn't coming back.

>> reporter: five years ago, frankirk e and his mom shared their story about his grandfather. she said that experience helped her son heal.

>> i just felt so proud, proud that he still had all the memories and got to spend quality time with my dad and not everybody gets that.

>> reporter: the goal, to collect at least one story for every person who died that day. beverly remembered her husband.

>> it was about 9:30 and he has been trying to find a way up. i asked if it hurt for him to breathe. he paused and said no.

>> reporter: there are survivor stories, too. amanda spoke about his escape from the north tower .

>> i had fallen. that was it. kind of gave up hope. shortly after you called and i picked up the phone and you just said, i'm alive. i get really mad at him, i just think back about the feelings that i had that day.

>> reporter: and for those like frankie --

>> if you could talk to him now, what would you want to say?

>> i love you and there's no other grandfather.

>> reporter: the memories never fade.

>> i think about you every day and you'll always be in my heart forever.

>> that's "nbc nightly news" r