Nightly News   |  October 01, 2011

Targeting the terrorists

NATO forces say they’ve captured Haji Mali Khan — a senior militant responsible for brazen attacks — who managed operations throughout Afghanistan. NBC’s Adrienne Mong reports.

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>>> is warning u.s. citizens tonight of potential anti-american attacks worldwide. the travel warning about potential retaliatory attacks comes one day after the killing of an american-born al qaeda leader. and tonight more news on this front. reports that nato forces in afghanistan have captured another key figure. this time the target was an elder in a militant group operating on the border between pakistan and afghanistan . it's a group we heard a lot about this week as u.s. officials again questioned pakistan 's commitment to fighting terror. nbc's adrien mong is in kabul tonight.

>> reporter: it's consider one of the biggest threats to u.s. forces in afghanistan . and today it may have suffered a major blow. the hakani network, a crime family that operates on the border of afghanistan and pakistan with ties to al qaeda and the taliban . known for brazen attacks like the 20-hour siege of the u.s. embassy and nato head quarters in kabul last month. today, nato forces said they captured hajikkahn in a joint operation. nato called kahn one of the highest-ranking members of the network and a revered elder. in addition to managing hakani bases and operations in both afghanistan and pakistan , kaurn was said to be responsible for imagining finances and sourcing supplies for the network. for their part, the taliban denied that kahn had been captured, although afghan police and defense officials insisted it was true, saying his arrest will disrupt the network. senior u.s. officials have accused pakistan 's government of having ties with the hakanis.

>> they are making a serious, grievous strategic error supporting these groups.

>> reporter: the afghan president pointed a finger at pakistan as well today. in a video speech he said talks achled at ending the violence in his country should be hell with pakistan , not the taliban . karzai said he can't find a taliban leadership in his country that's next door. senior afghan officials have also accused pakistan 's spy agency of being involved in the assassination ten days ago of karzai's chief peace broker. strong words reflecting a growing tension between afghanistan and pakistan , which one analyst called a very serious crisis that cowl further complicate men's role in the region. adrien mong, nbc news, kabul .