Nightly News   |  October 01, 2011

Developments in the Middle East

NBC's Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell discusses what to expect from Pakistan following the death of Haji Mali Khan.

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>> for more on these fast-moving developments in the middle east let's bring in nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell . andrea, what are we seeing here?

>> reporter: well, fast-moving indeed. u.s. officials tonight say the capture of that senior leader is a very big deal . because his duties included finding ways to get terrorists across the border from pakistan into afghanistan and also choosing targets to kill americans, targets such as the u.s. embassy , nato headquarters , but also the intercontinental hotel which was bombed in kabul last june. the importance of capturing him alive is that he may have had cell phones or other communication devices which could now lead to other suspects. interestingly, the pakistanis tonight are saying that it is not a big deal , he was not such a major leader. they are trying to downplay someone who was obviously operating out of pakistan. also of course the tempo of u.s. and nato moves against key terror targets is really increasing. this is the reason for the state department travel warnings specifically u.s. officials are very concerned that death of that al qaeda leader, al awlaki in yemen will inspire others to retaliate against american targets.

>> andrea mitch nell washington tonight, thank you.