Nightly News   |  October 03, 2011

Supporters in Seattle react to Knox verdict

After four years behind bars, Amanda Knox is free to return home to Seattle. Supporters watched closely as the verdict was being read. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk has more.

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WILLIAMS: As we said, this live coverage today was watched around the world. No one was watching today's verdict more closely than her friends and supporters at home in Seattle . That's where NBC 's Stephanie Gosk is tonight. Stephanie , good evening.

STEPHANIE GOSK reporting: Good evening, Brian . Well, her friends and supporters started gathering at this hotel behind me at around midnight. Many of them have been supporting her cause from the very beginning. There was hope and even confidence that by the end of the day she would be set free. They were up all night anxious, waiting for this verdict.

Offscreen Voice: Knox Amanda is free.

GOSK: When it came...

Unidentified Woman #1: Thank you, God. Thank you.

GOSK: ...unrestrained joy.

Unidentified Woman #2: I feel like passing out. I mean, I'm just so overwhelmed.

GOSK: It was the end of a four-year fight. They hugged and cheered and sobbed.

Ms. KAREN PRUITT (Knox Family Friend): This is what we were waiting for. We're very happy. We'll take her any way we can get her.

Ms. MARGARET RALPH (Knox Family Friend): It really restored our faith in the system. It really did.

GOSK: Tom Wright , the founder of the group Friends of Amanda had a message for Knox .

Mr. TOM WRIGHT: And your light shines still. God speed and safe travels and see you soon.

GOSK: Amanda Knox could be back here as early as tomorrow. Her friends and supporters know that probably what she's going to need right off the bat is time alone with her family. But they say, Brian , that when she is ready they are going to throw her a very big party.

WILLIAMS: After four years what a homecoming that'll be. Stephanie Gosk in Seattle for us tonight. Stephanie , thanks.