Nightly News   |  October 04, 2011

Homecoming queen is also MVP

Shortly after being named homecoming queen, a Michigan girl gave her fellow students another big reason to cheer when she kicked the winning field goal that led her school’s football team to victory. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Pinckney, Michigan 's about 20 miles north of Ann Arbor . Football 's a big deal in that part of the country, especially around homecoming time. This year's homecoming game was unlike any other because of what one very talented student managed to do. Her story tonight from NBC 's Peter Alexander .

PETER ALEXANDER reporting: These days, Bri Amat has plenty of reasons to smile, a straight-A student and, for years, star of the girls varsity soccer team with the best foot in the school. So good, Bri impressed Pinckney High School 's football coach...

Unidentified Man: She was just banging them through.

ALEXANDER: ...who signed her up to be the team's kicker.

Ms. BRI AMAT: They treat me like one of their teammates. They're not sexist at all, anything like that.

ALEXANDER: Then last Friday night, the Pinckney Pirates hosted their homecoming game, a game they hadn't won in 10 years.

Ms. AMAT: At halftime I was actually in the locker room, and then one of the assistant coaches came in and said that they needed me out on the field.

ALEXANDER: Bri was selected among the top three homecoming queen finalists, still wearing her number 12 jersey when the vote was announced.

Offscreen Voice: Introducing our 2011 homecoming queen , Brianna Amat .

Ms. AMAT: I was totally shocked. I did not see it coming at all.

ALEXANDER: But there was still another half to play and Bri quickly traded her tiara for a helmet.

Ms. AMAT: I just wanted to get it over with so I could run back into the locker room and be with the team.

ALEXANDER: In the third quarter, Bri would get her shot, a 31-yard attempt to extend the Pirates ' lead. Just like in practice, she wiggled her fingers and took a deep breath.

Voice: Kick is up, and it is good!

ALEXANDER: The Pirates went on to win 9-7, Bri 's field goal the game winner. But she credits the team.

Ms. AMAT: It doesn't make a difference. We're all wearing the same pads. Well, kind of. I don't have the cup, but that's it.

ALEXANDER: As always, quick on her feet.

Voice: It is good!

ALEXANDER: Peter Alexander , NBC News, Chicago.